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Motorsport Coaching From Novice to Expert

Driver Data Analysis can be applied to great effect from almost the very beginning of the learning journey of a track enthusiast or a race driver.

Using video and data properly is a way to effectively “hack” the process of being a better, safer and ultimately faster driver on track.

Whether you are just beginning to learn the safest and smoothest line around the track or an advanced driver trying to balance all the compromises from corner entry to corner exit, video and data analysis will help you see what works the best. 

Data analysis will often show you that what “feels” fast is not the fastest or the safest way around the track.

Whether you are looking to get more value from your Garmin Catalyst, AiM Dash Logger or SmartyCam or, any VBOX product from Racelogic, contact us to see how we can help.  

Coaching Experience & Expertise

Tim Lambie is a life long motorsports enthusiast who has been participating in high performance driving education and racing events for over 20 years.  Tim has also extensively studied the many  aspects of the sport from driving physics to driver psychology. Tim now brings that experience and enthusiasm to DataTeq.


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