Racelogic VBOX Motorsport

The Racelogic VBOX data loggers and accessories are used by many amateurs and professional drivers and racing series around the world from the FunCup Series in Europe, the Australian GT Championship, the Trans-Am TA2 Series and the Toyota GR86 Cup in North America.

Racelogic VBOX products are industry leaders in video-data integration, simplicity and multi-platform support. Data logging and video recording are performed in a single device and accessible with a single download which makes this the easiest full logging system to manage at a race event. Add to that, it is the only major logging vendor that natively supports Windows, Mac OS and iOS for data analysis and video review. The VBOX HD2 logger is unique in its ability to support video rendering of virtually any custom graphics or data channels that you can think of. This means adding custom dashes for any car, sophisticated math channels such as oversteer and understeer and any logos you care to add can be rendered directly on the recorded video and streamed directly to any destination in real-time.

Racelogic also manufactures a number of unique related products, such as an automatic pit stop timer to ensure you spend the least amount of time in the pits and prevent penalties for leaving too early. We would love to tell you how VBOX can help you. Please contact us. 

Circuit Tools - Windows, Mac, iOS

Circuit Tools has been designed by racing drivers, for racing drivers, to quickly provide information that is key to improving lap times. Circuit Tools analysis software is aimed squarely at drivers rather than engineers and is quick and simple to use.

You don’t need to be a computer whiz-kid to work out where you are going wrong and the simple remedies you can apply to get it right.

VBOX Video HD2 - HDMI Track Package

The VBOX HD2 HDMI Track Package includes roll cage camera mounts and an un-terminated power cable instead of the standard suction camera mounts and cigar lighter power supply cable. This means easier fitment in vehicles fully prepared for racing.

VBOX Video HD Lite - LapTimer

VBOX HD Lite is a miniature video data logging system for motorsport that records 1080p HD video with fully synchronized GNSS data.

VBOX Sport - HDMI Track Package

VBOX Sport is a waterproof, battery powered 10 Hz GPS data logger designed primarily to measure performance or lap times.

VBOX LapTimer / Pit Lane

VBOX LapTimer is a predictive lap timing display and a 10 Hz GPS data logger in one. It provides instant driver feedback, helping you find valuable improvements in lap times. The new VBOX Pit Lane Timer takes the guesswork out of the crucial pit stop period of an endurance race.