DataTeq goes to Munich for Race Performance Engineering

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DataTeq adds Race Event Engineering

Tim Lambie joined a group of professional race engineers at Motorworld in Munich, Germany for Performance Race Engineering training. The extensive training covered race event preparation, documentation, track management, driver preparation, extensive testing protocols, data acquisition strategies, lap time simulation, tire and suspension strategies for dry, wet and changeable practice, qualifying and race sessions and much, much more.

Race Engineering Program delivered by Jorge Segers

For over 20 years Jorge Segers has provided Race Engineering Services for top teams in many race series up to WEC/LeMans, DTM and Stockcar Brasil championships. Jorge has worked with top level drivers including current and former Formula 1 drivers. Jorge is currently the Race Performance Engineer for Ferrari’s 2023 LeMans winning WEC Hypercar Team. Jorge is also the author of one of the best and most complete books on data analysis, Analysis Techniques for Racecar Data Acquisition, now in its second edition.