Elevate Your Racing Game with Team-Plus Tire Data Analysis Tools, Now Available at DataTeq

The difference between the podium and the rest can often be traced back to a single element: tire performance. That’s why at DataTeq, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with Team-Plus, bringing you the forefront of tire data analysis technology tools designed to catapult your racing strategy into a new era of precision and speed.

Seamless Integration with Your Current Data Acquisition Setup

What sets the Team-Plus line apart is its flawless compatibility with all major CanBus data acquisition systems. Whether your cockpit is decked out with AiM, VBOX, Autosport Labs, or Motec, these tire sensors integrate seamlessly. This means you can keep your eyes on the track, not on troubleshooting connections.

Start by collecting and visualizing tire data on your phone

Team-Plus sensors support Android and IOS phones with a native Team-Plus Logger application and also support RaceChrono LapTimer for Android and IOS. So if you want to start with your phone and move up to a full data acquisition system in the future, you can.

Why Tire Data?

It’s simple: tires are your only contact with the track. The real-time data on tire pressure and surface temperature provided by Team-Plus tools allow for immediate adjustments, optimizing your grip and tire longevity. This isn’t just data—it’s your new strategy for dominating the track. Use tire pressure data to easily find the pressure that gives you the most grip. Use 8 channel tire temperature sensors to find out if you have an optimal setup at each corner of the car. Immediately see the effects of camber, caster, tire pressure and driver inputs at each point on the tire, at each point on the track. With a display screen on the controller, you get real time data on the track. This is perfect for testing, knowing exactly when your tires are up to temperature or, when you have pushed them too far while you can still do something about it.

Features That Fuel Your Pace:

  • Universal CAN-BUS Compatibility: Designed to work with AiM, VBOX, Autosport Labs, and Motec, ensuring you get the data you need without the hassle.
  • Portable and Wireless for Use in Street Cars: With available Wireless Pressure and Temperature Sensors and a mobile phone you can get data in a street car in minutes
  • Real-time Insights: Precise monitoring of tire pressure and surface temperature, so you can make the adjustments that matter, when they matter.
  • Empower Your Decisions: With detailed tire performance data, you’re equipped to make informed decisions on tire management, vehicle setup, and driving techniques.

From DataTeq’s Garage to Your Car

“We believe that understanding and utilizing tire data is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity,” says Tim Lambie, at DataTeq. “With Team-Plus’s advanced sensors, displays and integration, we’re excited to offer our clients not just data, but a competitive edge.”