Take a BIG step forward in 2024 with Data and Video Analysis

As Ross Bentley says, “When learning anything, we follow “learning steps” “

With video and data from your track car you will be able to objectively answer important questions;

Am I using all the track?

Am I turning in too early or too late?

Am I placing the car at the apex?

Am I using the pedals correctly?

Am I using the steering wheel correctly?

Am I consistent in each corner on each lap?

And most importantly…

Am I using all of the tire’s grip?

Make 2024 the season that you learned exactly how you are driving now so you can understand how to driver smoother, safer and faster.

Stay tuned for more driving and data tips, product announcements and events.

Datateq offers data coaching, video and data analysis equipment supply and installation of products from leading vendors AiM, Racelogic/VBOX and Garmin.

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