Garmin Motorsport

The Garmin Catalyst brings AI to in-car coaching and feedback inside an industry-leading lap-timer and driving logger. The Catalyst is unique in its ability to analyze the driving performance in real-time and provide audio feedback directly in the car via Bluetooth or wired headphones. This feedback can encourage the driver to repeat the driver’s fastest version of a track segment with specific audio cues.

The tablet form factor of the device makes it fast and simple to review your session within seconds of finishing while the memories are fresh and will provide a custom video of all of the fastest track segments stitched together making review and memorization super quick and easy.

Garmin provides apps for both IOS and Android for even deeper data analysis and comparing your data and lap times with your friends or anyone else in the world you can connect with, like your coach.

The Garmin Catalyst is so much more than just a lap timer.

Garmin Catalyst™ Driving Performance Optimizer

For drivers of all levels, this industry-first “coach” mounts in your cockpit — gathering performance data, giving real-time audible cues and offering immediate session analysis to show you key areas for improvement.

Garmin Catalyst includes the Remote Camera. is a full line Garmin dealer as well as supplying 3rd party accessories such as custom camera mounts for open-wheel cars and Catalyst “cages” for racecar installations. Please contact us with your questions and requirements.